MobiFi Project Update August & September

Team MobiFi
2 min readSep 17, 2023


MobiFi August Update: New Features, MobiFi World Initiatives, and Looking Ahead

📦 Product Updates

1. Revamped Wallet Page

We’re thrilled to unveil a redesigned UI for the wallet page. This new interface prioritizes the essential metrics that our users want to see. The previously separate Greenz page and manual Greenz collection have been phased out. Instead, we’ve integrated these into the CO2 reduction and reward-earning metrics, streamlining the user experience. Now, all your tokens and NFTs are easily accessible from the wallet page.

2. Dynamic APY for Staking

We’ve resolved a critical bug that displayed only a fixed, estimated APY for staking. The APY will now dynamically adjust based on the total number of tokens staked, offering a more accurate representation.

3. Referral Thumbnail Upgrade

We’ve not only updated the referral thumbnail’s aesthetics but also restructured its front-end and back-end architecture. This change will enable us to modify the thumbnail dynamically in the future.

4. Internal Admin Mac App

Though this tool is for internal use, it substantially enhances our team’s ability to manage customer interactions, broadcast messages, and update the Discover page in real-time.

🌎 MobiFi World

We’ve launched the MobiFi.World initiative with a focus on quality over quantity. We received three proposals in August, and two are being executed by our members this September, with one being managed by external parties. Our approach is conservative, targeting valuable contributors rather than mass promotion.

Upcoming and happened events

  1. Lugano City Walk: Featuring the deputy mayor and the head of economic development, as well as web3 enthusiasts.
  2. Web3 Dinner in Berlin: A gathering during Berlin Blockchain Week, offering free food and networking opportunities.
  3. Token 2049 Singapore City Walk: Our most ambitious event yet, with a local historian leading a group of over 200 participants through Singapore’s hidden history.

👀 Looking Ahead

  • The MobiFi team has already participated in Token2049 and its associated side events in Singapore.
  • We’re committed to community development, focusing on recruiting valuable DAO members and organizing more crypto-centric events.
  • Stay tuned for the upcoming Marketplace 2.0 feature in the app (we are working hard to release it asap).
  • We’re also exploring the addition of new mobility services like car rentals and training booking services in Europe.


August was a monumental month for MobiFi. We rolled out significant product updates, including a revamped wallet UI and dynamic staking APY. We also kicked off our MobiFi World initiative, focusing on quality partnerships and events. As we move into September, we’re excited about the future — new features, community development, and more are on the horizon.