CEO&CMO Live Chat — Aug 22nd #9

LIVE CHAT is to update our community on product developments and marketing activities.

Catherine: Dear MobiFiers, thank you for your kind patience and support. Let’s start the CEO & CMO Live Chat! We will not mute the chat but please hold your excitement and comments after the general update from us. Yudi will start with a general project & product update. Then I will follow up with Marketing and PR. A Q&A session will be followed.

Yudi: Hey I’m Yudi, the Project Lead of MobiFi. The project is doing well since Q3, but we have challenges here and there:

  • As Nora (the new UX designer) joined us, we have started the redesign of the mobile app, and aim to release a TestFlight version by end of September.
  • The service will be firstly offered in NL and perhaps UK. We are finalizing some commercial contracts with the mobility service provider at the moment.
  • We will announce a new joining advisor, who is the former managing director from a world class bank in Switzerland. Stay tuned!
  • An integration with a crypto custodian partner has been started. Meanwhile, a fiat/crypto payment gateway partner is currently under evaluation with us. This ensures our compliance when going commercial with local regulations.

These are the main progress in product development. As I want us to grow even faster, we are continuing to hire as well. If you know of any good engineers, please let me know.

One more thing: next week, Catherine will organize a testing for the new App. We will create an early bird list, so we need you guys, especially the ones in NL and UK, to join the queue. We have prepared lot of vouchers for the testers!

Catherine: Cool! Now it’s on my side. In July, I shared a slide on what more to come (Q3 MobiFi Ambassador Program (MAP), Yudi’s Crypto Cafe Interview and MobiFi Industry Talks) with you. Today, I’m going to show you more than that.

  • We have now a strong and trustful relationship with our MAPs, who works hard to expand our exposure not only in the EU but also in other continents.
  • We collaborate with industry experts and authorities to generate content and boost our project’s exposure
  • We are mentioned by Benzinga, a website with millions of viewership in crypto
  • We are on YouTube, Discord and will soon be on Instagram & TikTok!
  • And the marketing team expands as well. We onboard more talents joining the team, helping us to be known by the public.

More exciting things are coming! See below:

Catherine: We’ve done enough to prepare, and now all we have to do is make sure MobiFi be know as the Hidden Gem in Crypto. Again, we need you to help us amplify our promotions!

Now, with no more delay, shoot us with your questions!

Q: How is our relation with Hedera?

Yudi: MobiFi does not have an official partnership with Hedera yet, but we have close connection and some potential collaboration conversation is always on behind the sense. I am the MVP of Hedera (, what I am doing in MobiFi (especially the cross-chain vision) is definitly gonna be supported by the Hedera community.

Q: The testflight is only for those residing in N.L or U.K?

Yudi: Yes, as least the current plan is (for mobility service) for other locations, we probably can open a MoFi staking feature so you can earn more MoFi by completing task etc, but mobility service will be in NL (and maybe in UK).

Q: I don’t know if i missed it, but will there be an adoption in the near future for MoFi on another blockchain than the expensive ETH chain?

Yudi: Of course! We are partner or have a good relation with Polygan, Hedera etc,. So it’s a matter of time to develop the integration. We just don’t have enough developers at the moment.

Q: Will you implement Moralis in anyway? I’ve heard they are making very good “lego building blocks” for crypto projects, so not everything needs to be built from scratch.

Yudi: We will do some internal evaluation on Moralis. Thanks for the information.

Q: MoFi still have no MarketCap on CMC. They don’t want to work with you? And in this case, will there be a green update for the logo?

Yudi: Thanks for the reminder. We need to notify all platforms of our color-changed logo.

If you have more questions about MobiFi, welcome to join our telegram group (, we are ready to answer you!




The Next Generation Mobility as a Service

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Team MobiFi

The Next Generation Mobility as a Service

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