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Announcing the MobiFi-2Tokens Network Partnership

MobiFi partners with 2Tokens to conduct token use case experiments in mobility

MobiFi is continuing its successful journey to crypto mass adoption by partnering with the leader in tokenization advocacy. 2Tokens will play a crucial role in helping MobiFi conduct project pilots in order to validate different Proof of Concepts in the mobility sector.

The 2Tokens foundation is an independent and neutral token advocacy group. They have the ambition to raise awareness, stimulate relevant discussions, and bring together knowledge/expertise to reduce the barriers of the adoption of tokenization and help realize the broader societal benefits.

2Tokens firmly believes that the multi-disciplinary aspect of tokenization implies that representatives from various parts of society all need to engage, reflected in the foundation’s participants and the support from multiple ministries, industries, universities, and many other (international) institutions. The foundation brings new financial opportunities and has been working on different use cases such as tokenization of energy, invoice markets and digital notary.

Check out the interview with Alex Bausch, Chairman @ 2Tokens, who talks about further collaboration with MobiFi on the use cases with the Netherlands government and worldwide:

There’s no doubt, MobiFi and 2Tokens share the same vision, hence this collaboration is another key milestone achieved by MobiFi. From a technology adoption standpoint, 2Tokens will help MobiFi connecting with relevant project pilots as well as supporting the engineering team to build a product that meets people’s daily needs and the demand of the mobility industry.

About 2Tokens

The 2Tokens project aims to develop a clear path to realising value from Tokenisation. Ultimately this is a guide on how to use Tokenisation, first surfacing up challenges with the current legal & regulatory environment and helping to motivate the changes needed.

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MobiFi is the future-proof mobility solution — aiming at connecting both public and private service providers with the decentralized world of finance to create a frictionless and #sustainable travel experience that incorporates next-generation Mobility as a Service (#MaaS) and tokenized incentives.

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